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10 Points Campaign!!

To thank you your patronage of   

Yamato Flight kitchen, we have   

small treats to offer.           

  Every purchase of $100, you get free meal of choice!             


Choice of meals:

#1  1 bag of Blue Sky Cookie      

#2  3 Onigiri of your choice      

    (Salmon, Konbu, Katsuo or Ume)

#3  7 pieces of California Roll   

#4  5 pieces of Inari Sushi       

#5  12 pieces set of Kappa and    

    Tekka Rolls (6 pieces each)   




For each purchase of $10, you earn 1 point.  Each 10 points, we offer the code.  On next purchase, enter the offer code and your choice of 

meal in special request section.  

Code is valid for 1 time only.    

Blue Sky Cookie pack

For any question or concerns, feel free to ask our staff in person,  

e-mail or phone call.             

(650) 692-2315 8am~12pm 7 days        



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